3 trending bags for summer

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When summer is about to kick in, it also adds to the worries a working woman could possibly have, from nonstop sweat to melting makeup, weary outfits to sticky hair, there’s one thing that can keep you up throughout the summer. Great handbags that speak for your reputation even when your makeover doesn’t quite much go with what you want. Having a style oriented bag is easy but keeping up with style updates are what going to keep you aware of what’s in and what’s gone from the trending list for the season.

The short strapped Black leather bag

Grabbing a short strap bag is an easiest pick when it’s a leather one in black. Orange may be the new black to some but nothing originally competes with the perks of a black accessory, a black outfit, in fact black for pretty much everything. Well no one really wears black every other day but a black bag surely won’t have you judged till the day end for going with the mentioned kind of bag, at any occasion. Why? It’s an evergreen selection that one can’t possibly regret throughout generations.

Is it a hand bag? Is it a bag pack? It’s Both!

When you’ve got to switch from style to style and between occasions to occasions, you know you need a bag that can do both. Keeping the charm like a handbag would, and be there like a backpack when you’ve got to keep up with walk ease.

One with a fringe

Statement bags are a thing of forever. What keeps switching is the statement your bag portrays and what the season seems to be keeping up with are the bags with a fringed tassel or two. Not necessarily just a tassel, it could be a bag with fringed finish anywhere on the leather material or a faux material.

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