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Ramadan is just around the corner and we are almost there to welcome the most beloved and blessed month. We all wait for this blessed month to be the reason for our prayers, forgiveness, repentance and to be more close to Allah. But are we physically, mentally and spiritually ready for Ramadan? Because only if we are ready Ramadan can do wonders.


What Should be The Emphasis in Ramadan?

For many of us, the answer is fried samosas and pakora. Is Ramadan all about Ifar and how many different kinds of pakoras you should have? Or the count of memes you can post daily? Or maybe the ridiculously devastating transmissions on television whose only purpose is to gain the rating and for which they can go to the next level by disrespecting humanity and the real spirit of this Holy month.  Sadly, this is how an average Pakistani mostly youth love to celebrate Ramadan.

Ramadan is the month in which you can literally improve your relationship with Quran and Allah. The focus in this month shouldn’t just be how many Qurans did I finish, but how much did I understand it. How can you progress and advance in your relation with the Creator? How can you be a better person in all your deeds? Make a strict schedule and follow it so that at the end of the month you know how good you have utilized your time.

What Should You Rather Avoid in Ramadan?

There are a lot of unnecessary stuff which we are so engulfed in that we don’t even realize that it is just ruining the whole purpose of this Holy month. Unnecessary debates on what is right and what is wrong. Why can’t we just focus on our development rather than just sticking our nose in what others are doing? PLEASE Stop watching those humiliating television shows which are of no good. It’s just a humble request, these shows are not likely to give you any kind of spiritual shower or blessings rather you are just wasting your precious time sitting in front of television. Eating unhealthy is also something which Pakistanis do a lot in this month, because of which instead of losing weight they put on.

One most important thing is shopping for Eid. Try to be well prepared, especially ladies as they always have the last minutes shopping list and sometimes it just wastes the last nights of Ramadan in markets looking for the girl’s accessories, handbags or female footwear.  It is always better to buy women’s apparel and all the matching accessories with it to avoid the rush and time wastage at the last moment.


These are just a few chattels which can be followed in Ramadan to make the most of it or at least try to. Wishing you all a very happy and blessed RAMADAN KAREEM.

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