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Summer is here and it is even impossible to imagine about a no check out for summer collections. All we want in summer is comfortable, soft and light fabric with colors and prints that complements the calm and decent requirement to prevent from heat. Pakistani tradition wants detailing and beauty in all the pieces and it is really a wonderful product we get, when we combine simplicity with edge-fineness and smooth texture.

Embroidered lawn collection is now taking over a rule on the summer wears, heaving all the necessities and beauty of eastern taste.

-The trend of three-piece suit having printed chiffon dupatta, shirt with embroidered front and printed sleeve’s cloth (designed for three-quarter sleeves) and plain base color trouser with brighter shade is so in for this summer fabrics. What we are observing now the designers have made bright colors in for summer just adjusting it with light colored base.

Off-white, crème, crème-yellow, baby pink, mint green, aqua, light mustard, soft fawn, sky blue and soft grey are the summer base colors which let bright red, scarlet, purple, royal blue, grass green, orange colors in, this summer and knocks out the concept of ‘bore summer’.

-The two pieces suit piece are giving us plain shirt or printed with small and appealing designs or a light embroidery with darker shade for trouser. Gives you choice to pick and select your desired dupatta.

-Single lawn shirt pieces or kurtis are popular trend now a days, seems to have the glance of above trends. Usually soft base color with embroidered bright color front with neck portion and lower border are so in with tights of same color.

What we see now is, this summer has knock out the plain dupatta and giving use wide range for printed dupatta with no color boundaries. Either the colors use in the suit or complement your suit color.

So with this lavishing beautiful trend, ladies are going to be obsessed with this and the heart never ever gets ful filled with it. Yeah but it will be a boom for us when we find this lovely vogue in affordable price limit. Aaah!! Dream of a lady, to have desired outfit in affordable price. Then no one can stop us to get it.

Chase value center giving us a vast range of this trendy collection by Juiblee Lawn Collection, Riwaj Embroidered Collection, Sonia Mughal Lawn Collection, Esha Sehgal Collection and other popular and recognized name along with the deluxe designs of Chase Value Center Fabric Collection, which are giving such mind-blown summer pieces in affordable range of 1200 to 2500 PKR.

So check out these collections and suit yourself to beat the heat.

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