Do you believe in First Impression is the Last Impression?

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In our day to day life, we interact with a lot of people for the first time. There is a slight impression formed in our mind by observing the person’s physical appearance, style of dressing and way of communicating. For some, these impressions are long lasting while other don’t take them seriously and they vanish as soon as they come to know the person actually. How long your first impression of someone does’ last? Are you one of those who has faith in first impressions are the last and final impressions, no reversing?

Our Judgments are biased according to Certain Impressions

Usually, our first impressions influence critically on the way how we view and treat a person and interestingly enough, the initial impressions most of the time are prejudiced.

We live in a civilization who loves to place individuals in boxes. We categorize and judge people according to those boxes like culture, gender, race, what brand they are wearing, language, accent, what TV show or sports they follow etc.

We don’t live for Ourselves Rather for Our Social Media Impression

Society, in general, is now rapid in deciding and making choices. Our selections change with situations, time and age. The main thought provoking object is the mainstream which is the causing the change in our decisions and values. Things that one weren’t even considered to be real once, are now the reasons we like or hate someone. A person who has a number of followers on social media is considered to be popular, a hangout with friend in not considered to be a hangout unless it is tagged on Facebook, food is not yummy if it doesn’t look good in a picture with a #nom and you don’t feel like you look really smart until your photo gets the desired number of hits on Instagram. We don’t live for ourselves anymore but for our social network reputation. No matter you enjoyed the happening at the moment or not, but it should look like you really did on your Facebook timeline.

Our Whys and wherefores are Becoming Shallow

Our reasons to be with someone or to like someone are becoming shallow. That’s how it impacts our first impressions. If we see someone partying with friends often, joking around we automatically think he or she is not a serious person, a person who doesn’t socialize much is considered to have a lack of confidence. In many cases, we come across a person who doesn’t speak quite often is labeled as arrogant or stubborn, but as soon as we get to know him, turns out he is a cheerful and friendly person.

Expand your Vision

Don’t let culture’s strange standards choose what you think of a person. We never know what the real situation is behind someone’s behavior. Maybe your judgment is not the ultimate truth, it is just how you perceived things. Maybe there is stuff better than womens clothes or men’s formal shirts that can give you the idea of what a person’s nature is!

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