El’Lora: A Brand Launches The Best Skincare Products At Reasonable Prices

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El’Lora – a new name in the beauty industry – is all set to make its debut, exclusively on Chase Value Centre with its range of skin care products.

In the current era, people have immensely felt the need for beauty products which, alongside effective results, offer value for their money. Because it has been quite a struggle to bang for your buck with premium beauty brands in the market. So, El’Lora has come up with the concept of promoting an economical lifestyle in beauty world.

Welcome El’Lora – Skincare Products Are Already On Board

El’Lora kick starts its journey with a range of skincare products including lotion, face wash, and Aloe vera gel in the market. The best part is that the products are not limited to women-use only. Men can equally take good skin benefits.

Here is the first look of a few products from El’Lora that are about to launch:

  • El’Lora Total Moisture Body Lotion – Aloe Vera (200ml)

A total moisture body lotion is infused with aloe vera to calm and sooth the dry irritated skin. In addition, the unique formula absorbs fast and moisturizes the skin with non-greasy softness and relief.


  • El’Lora Total Moisture Body Lotion – Cocoa Butter (200ml)

The cocoa butter infused El’Lora total moisture body lotion is designed to moisturize, hydrate, and smooth away the dullness of skin. In the meanwhile, all the skin-friendly ingredients also keep it noticeably healthy.

  • El’Lora Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Formulated with 99% Aloe Vera, El’Lora Aloe Vera Soothing Gel moisturizes and soothes the skin. Simply apply an ample amount after a basic skin care routine, especially onto the dry parts. Repairing sun damaged skin, dimming freckles, controlling oil, shrinking pores, and whitening skin are a few benefits it helps with.

El’Lora Aloe Vera Soothing Gel is available in two different quantities – 120 ml & 260 ml.


  • El’Lora Total Moisture Whitening Body Lotion (200 ml)

With the element of Vitamin B3, this lotion helps in making the skin look fair. Along with the deep moisturizing, it retains your skin’s moisture level and revives its healthy tone and texture.


  • El’Lora Total Moisture Body Lotion – Vitamin E (200ml)

For people with extreme dry skin, El’Lora Total Moisture Body Lotion – Vitamin E is the best choice. Properties like Vitamin E and high antioxidants make it a fast absorbing lotion that helps in reviving and rejuvenating the skin.



  • El’Lora Laser Light Whitening Face Wash (60ml)

El’Lora Laser Light Whitening Face Wash is enriched with natural milk proteins for deep cleansing dirt and oil from pores while brightening skin. Plus, the laser light technology helps with the removal of dark spots and sun tan while making skin tone light and even. The face wash is perfect for normal to oily skin.



  • El’Lora Activated Charcoal Double Action Face Wash (60ml)

The activated charcoal face wash from El’Lora is designed to cleanse your skin deeply and make it fresh and oil free. The core ingredient helps in extracting all the oil, dirt and pollution from pores very gently. For oily skin, El’Lora Activated Charcoal Double Action Face Wash is a true friend that unclogs pores.


As it is mentioned that the products are light on budget, the price range is very minimal i.e. Rs.99 – Rs.299. With such affordable beauty items, the brand brings a unique experience for its customers to garner love and gratitude in return.

El’Lora will launch in the upcoming month, November. And customers from all across the country can reach for the most budget-friendly beauty products in stores and online. The brand doesn’t end up with its production here, but El’Lora accessories and color cosmetics are next in line. Up next, there is also a list of milestones to achieve in future.

Due to dollar inflationary, these products are already procured in bulk before the forex rates change. So the customers can definitely do a little damage without the fear of breaking their banks.

The brand features its complete range on Chase Value Centre this November. Make sure not to miss out!

Check for an entire range of El’Lora beauty products at chasevaluecentre.com.

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