Enhance you look by precious detailing.

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Jewelry is no doubt a tradition, symbol and need of a woman to look perfect that gives the true essence of being feminine. Word ‘woman’ is incomplete without the perception of ornamentation and proper accessories. Concepts from very ancient times to empire era of any region either Greek, Roman, Arab, Mughal, British or Persian to the modern ages we cannot imagine women without accessories, ornaments and jewelries.  However, the intensity of this concept has been fluctuated in different time period.

While giving a look on past times, the jewelry was a concept of metal pieces for body parts with less detailing and this shows a great want but little sense of ornamentation. But with the passaging of time, we see fast development in it, and then jewelry has been come out with more detailing and a diverse collection of designs.

The jewelry trend was not limited with one for one, we have seen different match and picks in different time period. Sometime two ornaments for one part like chokers or necklace with plain chain or pendant in it together or double pierced ears at a time. And sometimes we have also seen some part plain like omitting the necklace or bangles. Or sometimes both at a time.

The trend of heavy jewelries and too many pieces is not so in now-a-days except if you want to be in your traditions. You cannot deny your culture at all. For traditional events like Eid, wedding ceremony and on others you need to wear traditional proper jewelry. However we see the blend of traditional and modern jewelry designs. Sleek designs with fine detailing and sober combinations are the styles of the time. A lot of pieces to put on is not really necessary.

BANGLES – Simply few bangles or a bracelet with a little bunch at a side and no thickness gives captivating look. You do not really need to fill your wrist from start to end.

NECKLACES – It will really be beautiful to choose simplicity for your neck. If you have long neck simply go for the chokers. To prominent your neck and collar bone, a simple pendant in a loose chain will be perfect.

EARRINGS – Little tops are forever, for everyone. For every event, on every outfit tops are suited. Single beaded, one gem or minute craft are more in as formal to show your charming side either with real stone or fine imitation while, your favorite little emoji tops in your ears gives you a free casual look.

“Jhumka style” is replaced by long and sleek design with less weight, and obviously it will suit on you when you have swan neck.

FINGER RINGS – Rings have a great variety to choose according to your mood. Simple finger ring or with little mold and a gem or stone with different size at top still have its classical value.  Crafted ring all around gives a mature and professional look on you. Big stones and designed disk on little that covers you finger is really a chic.

HAIR ACCESSORIES – Simple flattened or circular brooch on bun or braid gives out a royal side of you or you can go with beautiful hairpins with beads and gems to tie your hairs lightly.

Here the guides is over, now it is time to pick your style and blaze everything with your look and jewelry sense.

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