Lawn diaries: Chase the right fabric

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With summer on the rise, also rise the expectations for Pakistani lawn prints and colors that would divert most of the worries. The excitement though comes to a slight disappointment when you bring home a number of lawn suits new arrivals, have them stitched with the trendiest of designs, but sooner or later you realize that the fabric is too light so you end pairing an inner shirt with it to avoid anything that seems to be revealing, though the solution is right ahead but what’s the use of lawn fabric when you end up wearing double for the summer.

Keep an eye on the fabric

Hunting for a perfect lawn dress can be thrilling for most ladies, seeking one with a latest design at a sophisticated cost. Usually it occurs that older women are very picky about dresses, being annoying to the young daughters at the same time. A teenage mind won’t work as carefully as of a woman with experience, but if you want to give careful shopping a try, you’ve got to think with the perception of an older woman. That includes, a fabric that isn’t too revealing, colors that are vibrant enough, quality that doesn’t seem worn off, and of course, the cost being reasonable. Plus, it’s not only the shirt that you’re purchasing, be cautious of whether or not the paired dupatta goes well. Since the dupatta turns out to be not goof at all. Learn to say no to the voices in the head telling you to make an unnecessary purchase.

Go for darker colors

Being a shopaholic, we all are aware how it’s like to let go of a lawn new arrival with the finest of print in the collection and even that of a reasonable price, just because of the revealing fabric. Find out if there’s a darker color available in the same or somewhat similar pattern and bring it home. Make sure the other color looks as good on the same design too.

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