Saeed Ghani Joins Hands with Chase Value Centre

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Saeed Ghani features a wide range of its natural beauty products at Chase Value Centre.

For more than a century, Saeed Ghani has been garnering a phenomenal popularity for its diverse range of beauty products. And since it keeps on spreading the wings steadily, the brand has set a high standard in the market. Part of which is the use of all natural and herbal ingredients in the formulation of each product.

Recently, it is pledged that Saeed Ghani will showcase some of its quality products at Chase Value Centre. And with this name comes the thought of affordable prices. Last month, after the launch of El’Lora, the leading retail store of Pakistan takes pride in having another reputable brand at the disposal of its customers.

From skincare to hair care, and makeup, different products await its customers to get bang for their buck. All products are available at a minimally low price than the actual one, which is always a bonus for consumer base. Whether you want to visit stores or buy online, Saeed Ghani products are accessible both ways.

Saeed Ghani Products at a Budget-Friendly Price

Though Saeed Ghani has a lot of products for grabs, there is no need to limit the budget. Everyone can shop their hearts out as the prices offered are reasonable as promised.

The products and their brief description is discussed below:

Saeed Ghani Shampoo

Weight: 100ml – 200ml

Price: Rs.155 – Rs.299

Saeed Ghani shampoo are best known as natural cleansers for the needs of different hair types. Here take a look on the benefits you get from various kinds of shampoo available.

  • Shikakai Shampoo: It controls dandruff, promotes hair growth and strengthens hair roots. It is also popularly referred as a “fruit for the hair.”
  • Amla Shampoo: Enriched with 100% real Amla and other natural ingredients, it gently cleans, nourishes and strengthens your hair from root to tip. It prevents premature graying and dandruff, giving you healthy, lustrous and manageable hair.
  • Almond Shampoo: It is gentle enough to be used for all hair types – even for kids. A regular use of which makes hair soft, glossy, and smooth.
  • Mughziat Shampoo: A wholesome blend of botanical, it invigorates and revitalizes the scalp and hair. Along with cleansing, the gentle formula nourishes and promotes shine in the hair.

Saeed Ghani Hair Oil

Weight: 100ml

Price: Rs.155 – Rs.375

A variety of Saeed Ghani hair oil is available for nourishing hair. However all these oils have their individual properties, the ultimate purpose is to retain/sustain healthy and shiny hair.

  • Amla Herbal Oil: It strengthens hair, prevents premature graying, and hair loss.
  • Amla Plus Oil: Along with providing hair benefits, it offers multiple therapeutic benefits too. Since it is formulated with the finest herbal ingredients, it helps in increasing memory, keeping the mind cool, and promoting sound sleep.
  • Shikakai Oil: Blended in natural ingredients, it nourishes hair leaving them strong, silky, and shiny.
  • Mustard Oil: It is a good source of vitamins and nutrients, which helps nourish scalp, stimulate hair growth by simply protecting hair fibers and keeping them healthy and shiny.
  • Maghziat Oil: Formulated with a number of herbs, it is a natural tonic nourishes, smoothens, and thickens the hair. Also, the proper usage helps to control the dryness and dandruff.
  • Almond Oil: It isn’t only beneficial for hair but also works great as a skincare product. While it is an effective answer to hair fall, split ends, and dullness, it also improves complexion, retains glow, and moisturizes the skin deeper.
  • Coconut Oil: It is an unparalleled hair treatment that adds a bounce and shine to dry and damaged hair. As compared to a lot of other oils, it reduces the hair protein loss.
  • Tarchup Oil: It protects hair from sun, dust, and pollution; nourishing them for long and lustrous, problem-free hair and scalp.

Saeed Ghani Makeup Products

Weight: 50gm – 200gm

Price: Rs.40 – Rs.265

Since the brand’s name has been associated with herbal product forever, its makeup products are nothing else. All these items are produced to enhance natural beauty, rejuvenate skin and protect it from dust and pollution. Despite different uses, each product gives your skin a fresh and healthy look. If we talk about them individually, following are the benefits.

  • Whitening Ubtan Pouch: It is used as an effective cleanser for having a glowy skin.
  • Sandal Soap: It cleans, nourishes, and moisturizes the skin very gently, leaving it soft, supple, and refreshed.
  • Multani Mud: It is one cooling and calming aromatic ingredient used to have a healthier, younger, and more vital skin.
  • Neem Soap: It maintains the skin structure giving it a beautiful look.
  • Aloe Vera Soap: It gives a fresh and healthy look to the skin.
  • Zafrani Ubtan: It tightens up the pores, minimizes the signs of ageing, improves complexion, and removes dead cells and hidden dirt from skin.
  • Khas Sandal Ubtan: It is a kind of herbal treatments helping with different ailments like skin disorders, flaky skin, and also used as a general moisturizer. Commonly used for attaining/maintaining a healthy skin.
  • Foot and Hand Cream: It is one of the best creams to be used on hands and feet making them look beautiful.

Saeed Ghani is now exclusively available on Chase Value Centre. Make sure to visit stores or buy online and avail the best prices ever.

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