Setting a Dinner Table Suitably Is Also an Art

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Ever face those situations where you’re having a lavish dinner or lunch at your place and where all the arrangements are done before time, setting the dinner table is usually a last minute task.  On the events like Eids, when all the family comes together to celebrate the love of food at one place, having a nice well-arranged table is a basic need. Even in a casual gathering, daily lunch or dinner we ignore the importance of setting the dinner table.

By simply taking few things in consideration, you can keep your focus on food and family or friends, rather than those hurried last minute running to the kitchen to bring the missing glass or plates.


Is It a Casual Gathering? Don’t go for an over the Top Setting

If you are having a simple get together with family or friends you already know, then you don’t have to go for over the top extra lavish arrangements. But this doesn’t mean you can be very rough. The way you serve food matters as such as how the food tastes. If you’re planning to serve salad or pasta, salad fork must be on the table. Glasses should be present according to the number of people. Your crockery and kitchenware should be all neat and tidy, well washed and dried. If there is a centerpiece on the table, it shouldn’t be too tall that guest can’t see each other across the table. Allow the guest to have how servings in their plates on their own, don’t force them to fill the plates.


What should be focused in a More Formal Dinner?

Your table setting leaves a great first impression when inviting someone for the first time on lunch or dinner. Don’t get all your cutlery out at once to impress, keep it simple. If you are serving multiple courses, one dinner set is quite enough. The basic setting is fork goes left, knives and spoons to the right of the plate. Try to avoid unnecessary utensils, if not serving soup, don’t have spoon spoons even near the scene.  To brighten up the table you can a flowers or candles to set the scene.

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