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We all want to style ourselves and we all do, but what we actually want a perfect dressing that has no flaw at all. Ladies you are perfect and you deserve to look perfect. Actually dressing sense describes the vogue, attitude and personality of doer and no matter where you are, either casual or formal you need to look flawless. You are mature and must know that you do not need to be filled from top to bottom. All your demand is to style your-self in appealing and charming way that your first glance, leave a strong impression over others.

Usually women’s eager for styling neutralizes with just some sort of shirts or typical style dresses every time, commonly it stops at ladies lawn suits but it is not limited here, styles are not ended for you here. Just keep in mind that you have perfect skin color and body shape all you need to do is picking to enhance your natural beauty you actually do not have to let something totally out influence you. Here are some tips to look perfect while dressing.


Apple shape indicates bulging or heavy part of top and abdominal region in short it refers to a fat and bulky body, no hesitation, go for the loose tops, while you have this shape of body. Simply those tops which are not too tight to put on can work best. Also tone your outfit by color combinations like dark colored to contour your body shape in the sides, with matching of lighter shade basic color.


Pear shaped body means a figure less mainly abdominal and hip region, also indicates bulky body. Simple avoid those dresses which highlight the shape of body. Simple less loose tops and casual shirts can be put on without any uncomfortably but omit excessively tight dresses, baggy shirts are the best thing to put on, avoid to put on extreme or plain light and white tones. Make sure you outfit neutralize your bulging part as


Don’t worry at all even if you have a sleek and straight body. Sometimes, it becomes a great trouble to choose what to wear that can be helpful to avoid your hanger impression. First of all light colors and dark colors welcome you to put on in plain way. Go for tight dresses, skip loose ones. Color contouring is also necessary here to enhance your body features like lighter sides. Fitted chest gown and frock style will be locked as perfect.

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