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Home sweet home! With beautiful rooms everyone’s dream. A beautiful room with painted and textured walls with proper props adjusting and neatly adjusted furniture and properly spaced and symmetrical equipped arrangement. Too fascinating to hear. However it is a very big question of how to do it? You really do not need to spend a heavy amount for interior designer and to choose the props and so on… You can do it by yourself in more beautiful way.

Just keep following things in mind and adorn your place.


COLORS– colors are the key element for the looks of your room. Obviously you cannot change the color of your room so frequently so it is a long last and very important object. It should not be focused just for seasonal theme or occasional theme, the color format should be decided as per the size, dimension and type of the room. Your home’s overall genre will should also be considered.

For the living rooms, light colored plain wall in combination of one darker color or shade wall with or without texture or pattern gives a relaxing look. For your bedroom, one wall patterned fully with your favorite magazine pages or paintings or abstract art with two different or one same colored other walls.

FURNITURE– Furniture is your necessity that also effects the whole look of your room and represents your choice. Make sure what you buy for it, is appropriate and required furniture and is not just a temporary fashion or weatherly style. It should be long lasting and ever green and elegant enough to fit for all season. In appropriate furniture arrangement can ruin the whole look of your room, arrange them properly and in symmetry with neatness to attain more space in your room. Bed in living lounge? Sofa set in your bed room? Dining table in your study? No at all

ACCESSORIES– Decorate your room with proper accessories. It would be a meaningful and refined view when these accessories and ornaments complement the type of your room with above settings and the purpose. Try not to over fill your room and walls cleanly arranged frames on one dark colored wall and a wall clock where on main wall with some large vase or shelf on the corner. One decorative piece on your side table with a family framed photo and a table clock or one of them can access to a good appearance.

Just a little good sense and your mind creativity and you can design your own room beautifully with all your mind and right. Similarly there is no need to spend a lot of your time to find quality, branded and expensive ornamental pieces to decorate your room. You can shop these items on just one tap by ordering online across Pakistan at Chase Value Center where you can find a big range to make your home lavish.

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